Bogarth Urasu

A cruel and corrupt Templar lusting for power


Bogarth stands roughly five and a half feet tall, adorned in heavy silk robes emblazoned with his templar emblem in gold thread. His skin is pallid and wrinkled for his young age, showing signs of great stress. His pink lips are always curled into a grin, even under duress and are often heard erupting into an uncomfortable giggle. When he walks, his red slippers always squeak to notate his passing.


Clothed in fine silks and gold embroidered robes, Bogarth Urasu is a foul creature. He is a templar dedicated to the sorcerer-king Hammanu in the city of Urik, assigned to a recently established outpost called Koran’s Deceit. He rules over a moderate sized workforce of slaves that work in a nearby stone quarry, gathering building materials to further establish the outpost. He is fiendish and cruel, dismissive of others he considers under him. He is cowardly, always seen surrounded by an entourage of heavily armed guards. He is often seen giggling to himself and to others when he speaks.

Bogarth Urasu

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