Shadows Cast

Distress at Koran's Deceit
The Adventure Begins

Working for the merchant family of House Arkanu, our adventurers were running a routine supply caravan to the newly formed outpost of Koran’s Deceit. In transit, they were besieged by a group of bandits known as, the Pommel. A battle ensued and, with the wild and reckless war tactics of Nimaarj and Labrys, they were easily able to thwart their foes. Nimaarj, with his intimidating demeanor, was able to hold captive a badly beaten and bruised bandit, who gave some info on the Pommel’s hierarchy.

As the caravan was rounded up, the captain, Brax helped the adventurers stow the bandit and the mangled remains of his brethren into the salt stores and their journeyed continued to their destination.

Koran’s Deceit seemed small, only dotted with a handful of slave tents, two crude huts and a hulking caravan, lavishly adorned with the symbols of the templars who serve under the sorcer-king, Hammanu. It was here that adventurers unloaded the goods and rested. Before sunset, Areanor, intrigued by slave children playing in a nearby animal pen, struck a conversation with them and learned that the stable boy in charge of the pack animals was a mute mul named, Lahm. Lahm’s best friend, the only other child in the camp was named Amilla, who worked in the common tent cooking food for the workers.

Meanwhile, Labrys spent time in the common tent, looking for a sign. He had a vision that insinuated that tragedy would strike and that Amilla and her mother, Kaylia may be in danger. The party gathered and devised a plan to smuggle Kaylia and Amilla out of the camp with the caravan, but it was too late. As night broke, Amilla was dragged from her tent by one of the pack animals, a Jhakar and fled off into the desert with the other beasts of burden.

Kaylia, in a frantic rage, accused Lahm of using some sort of psionics to control the beasts and take Amilla from her. The late night ruckus drew the attention of the templar, Bogarth, whose men quickly quelled Kaylia’s fears by beating her mercilessly. The party questioned Lahm and learned that he was innocent and that the jhakar was behaving strangely, vomiting a foul acidic concoction before breaking through the fences and taking Amilla.

The group then intervened to protect Kaylia and tried to bargain for the safety of Lahm, offering up their recent captive bandit as payment. With Lahm safe, the team headed off in search of the jhakar in hopes of saving Amilla from the harsh desert and even harsher creatures.


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